Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fun with Soap Time!!!

My daughter just loves to wash her hands now!!! They teach her to say hello and goodbye in different languages and all while encouraging her to wash her hands for a full 20 seconds. When she pushes down to get soap the music or sound comes on for 20 seconds encouraging children to wash their hands until it beeps at the end. I think my daughter washed her hands about 3 times a day before this product, and now it every time she goes potty and before she eats. She even washes her hands before bed. Soap Time set have 3 uniquely Themed Bottles: ABC, Earth, and Elephant, each recognized by the SmartBase®. All bottles have educational themes narrated by Professor Goodhabits. The music was written, produced, & recorded by Brian Vander Ark, of the Verve Pipe. ABC’s theme is language, Earth’s theme is nature, and Elephant’s theme is wild kingdom. SoapTime is currently available at select Bed, Bath and Beyond retailers and will soon be available nationwide! Please check them out at http://www.mysoaptime.com/